~ Staci ~ (fairyofdarkness) wrote in pc_gamer_chicks,
~ Staci ~

World of Warcraft...

I'm planning on purchasing WoW sometime (hopefully) in the near future. I was just looking to get some opinions on which race may be the best?

**On a side note** My boyfriend plays as apart of the Horde as an Undead Warlock. He's going to be making a new character when I start playing so that we can play together. We're thinking about going Alliance this time.

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One thing I found is that class really matters wayyyy more then race; I ended up choosing Paladin just because, while I wanted to be druid or hunter, I didn't want to be dwarf or night elf, and it was probably a mistake. So first, decide what class you want to be. Then see what races can play that class and choose among those.
Well, I talked things over with my boyfriend today and we finally decided how we're going to play. He's going to be a Human Paladin (male) and he's going to do Mining and Blacksmithing. I'm going to be a Human Warlock (female) and I'm going to do Enchanting and Tailoring. We think that we will kind of balance each other out and that we should do well. ;)
Okey dokey...just as a warning, IMHO Paladins are probably the least-interactive class in the game (read: most boring for people who don't like going to sleep during fights). They're fine at earlier levels but as it stands, the community of players whined and whined about the being 'unbalanced' since they were hard to kill, so they kind of nerfed them to the point where at the higher levels their DPS is so low it takes 4 minutes to kill things...kind of boring:(