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Web show looking for Girl Gamers - LONDON

Okay we are not after processed female models that are given an Xbox controller and posed to say "Look I am a girl gamer!" and I am surely not spamming you with this thread.

I am Colleen Segina, I am the Director EveTV for the game of Eve Online, its a webbased television show created when players from the game were asked to put together a event at the developers HQ and has become a perm feature for the game.

Anyway, why I am contacting you ladies. We are running a series of shows. One titled "New player Experience", and the other "Female Gamers" throughout this season of EVETV and we are looking for REAL girl gamers.

Below is the specs for the show at the moment and we are looking to hear from ladies for this show and upcoming shows who would be interesting in coming down for a Wednesday filming to our Ealing Studios, London.

Participants needed for a segment titled “New Player Experience”:
We are presenting an unique opportunity to 4 individuals who would like to take part in a web television show gaining exposure and recognition. We are filming people from all walks of life who will host and present a show as we capture their experience playing a popular computer game. The thousands of member of the gaming community will tune into the show and become familiar personalities.

Contact email for me is
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