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Call of Duty...

I know we've got some regular CoD players out there. My boyfriend's clan now has their own server and they really need some people that are willing to play in it.

They're called mpk or sometimes [MPK] (Moldy Peaches Klan). The server doesn't really have any rules (meaning you can pretty much say and do what you want while there). I must warn you though, sometimes they may say some things that might offend others, but they really don't care. They're just there to play and have a good time. (When I can get on a computer that I can actually get CoD to play on I sometimes play in the clan with them.)

The IP for the server is and the game type is HQ. If anyone does decide to play would you mind leaving me your CoD name just so I might mention to my guy who you are?

On a side note (I don't want this to sound like I'm trying to recruit for them...well, maybe I am trying to help them out just a bit..lol) they are looking for a few more people to add to their clan. They're wanting to compete in the TWL leagues. So, if you do go and play on the server with them and you do well they might just ask you to be in the clan if you're not already in a clan (it would more than likely be my boyfriend that would ask you since he is the founding member), but if you're not asked don't feel bad. They usually don't ask peole unless they see them play a bit.

Well, thanks for reading my little (big) rant! Have fun and hopefully I'll see you all on the server sometime (when I'm not playing I tend to watch him play alot)!!
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