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Hey I am new here so I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I am 20 (21 in may yeah baby!) I have recently started to play Counter Strike, other then that and a few first person shooters on the N64 is my limited experience with video games. Though for some reason I just love watching other people play, I am really very happy that I have found other gamers that are girls - I guess in my circle of male friends a female gamer is hard to find! :)
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Hi and welcome! Wow, for some reason or another I thought that I was the only person that actually enjoyed watching other people play video I sit and watch my boyfriend all of the time. Though I've never played Counter Strike I have played Call of Duty. I tend to be the only chick in my circle of guy friends as well. I hope you enjoy your stay here. There hasn't really been alot going around here lately, but hopefully that'll change sometime in the near future. :)